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> I stand completely by my second post

This is from your second post:
(Carrol quoting Steve's reply to the first post)
Steve >> "Hitler's treatment of the Jews"
Steve >>
Steve >> By "treatment" you mean, of course,
Steve >> the mass roundups of a country's own,
Steve >> unarmed citizens into camps from which
Steve >> they would be poisoned to death
Carrol > You leap to the end of the story.
Carrol > What you need to look like are the
Carrol > years prior to that. What form
Carrol > the "final solution" will take in
Carrol > Palestine remains to be seen.

For the record, I want your innuendo to be plainly spelled out:

The 'final solution', of course, was the euphemistic name that the Nazis gave
to their plan to physically murder every Jew worldwide. Therefore, with your
second post, you are implying that the State of Israel is on a path that may
someday lead to a "final solution" of the Palestinians ("What form the 'final
solution' will take in Palestine remains to be seen").

That is, you are implying that Israel is on a path that may someday lead to
an Israeli  government-organized and implemented plan to physically murder
each and every Palestinian man, woman, and child.

Am I misstating your position?

-- Steve --