am 13.12.2002 22:05 Uhr schrieb Carrol Cox unter [log in to unmask]:

>> I have been thinking about Nancy's statement "no one even knows each other
>> except as a text."  This is, to me, a challenge to all writing.  It is one I
>> have to disagree with.  For instance, people, especially in the past, have
>> come
>> to know each other deeply and intimately when their only contact is letter
>> writing.
> The comparison probably does not hold.


there is another reason to agree with you: letter writing had a far more
civilized form. The handwriting was a crucial part of it, revealing a great
deal on the person's character. This esthetic aspect, describing a vital
part of the the author's personality, is lost on the internet.

As to the reality of the various posters, I'm going to verify their
existence of some of them in them next couple of weeks.