Marcia Karp wrote:
> Carrol Cox wrote:
> > >  As for literature, I'm not convinced it is a medium through which
> > > readers know, or should try to know, their authors.
> >
> > Probably, with qualification, true. But we aren't writing Odes here, are
> > we? :-)
> No, I didn't say we were.  I was opening another area of consideration.  Since this
> is putatively a group wanting to discuss literature, I thought my statement
> pertinent.  I'm sorry if I confused you.

This illustrates what I mean about the smushing of tone in e-mail. I
wasn't confused, Marcia has nothing to be sorrty (or sarcastic) about,
since this last point was supposed to be seen (I guess -- I can't spend
too much time inventing terms for particular tones) as lightly flippant.
The smiley was invented to signal tone but apparently it didn't work
this time.

Sorry. No offense intended.

The preceding part of the post was a serious but very provisional
attempt to deal with the genre of maillist posts.