Peter Montgomery wrote:

> The cartoon strip The Katzenjammer Kids is familiar to me -- haven't
> seen one for ages though.

The Katzenjammer Kids is still published.  There is a recent Sunday
strip at:

Pretty much agreeing with Peter's comment of "I think the cartoonist
went the way of al[l] flesh," the text on the page says:

    Rudolph Dirks created The Katzenjammer Kids in 1897 for the American
    Humorist, the famed Sunday supplement of the New York
    Journal. Inspired in part by Max Und Moritz, the famous German
    children's stories of the 1860s, The Katzenjammer Kids featured the
    adventures of Hans and Fritz, twins and fellow warriors in the battle
    against any form of authority. "The Katzies" rebelled against Mama
    (their own mother, of course), der Captain (the shipwrecked sailor who
    acted as their surrogate father) and der Inspector (dreaded
    representative of the school authorities).

    The oldest comic strip still in syndication, The Katzenjammer Kids was
    adapted to the stage in 1903 and inspired countless animated
    cartoons. Today the feature is drawn by Hy Eisman. The U.S. Postal
    Service also saluted the Katzies with a commemorative stamp.

As with mant corporate sites you can actually get more and better
comments from a fan site.  Try this one:

    Rick Parker