[Due to a couple errors this got sent to Peter rather than the list, but
it was intended as a reply to his post to the list.]

Feminism (in any of its many forms) probably does not enjoy support from
a majority of women, though it has affected public consciousness (and a
good deal of public law & practice) considerably. It's a movement with
ups & downs, and with many inner conflicts. The word can't be defined
precisely, but it can I think be confined to women who do see it as a
movement in some form, and who more or less adhere (passively or
actively) to it as a movement.

For example, most feminists in fact reject aggressively that wing of
feminism which organizes around opposition to pornography, but
"feminist" still applies to both of these currents in a way it would not
apply to Thatcher or the CEO of Hewlett-Packard.

(All movements, including those with long-range staying power, wax and
wane. It is _probably_ best to "define" them as they appear in their
waxing stages.)