am 10.12.2002 16:08 Uhr schrieb Michelle Hadden unter [log in to unmask]:

> nancy, i for one hope that you are.
> i find nothing here offensive other
> than your reaction, and you should
> be the first to talk.  the majority
> of your posts to this list are
> incredibly abusive, even if they
> are couched in pretty, academic
> language.
> michelle


What -- Nancy's posts "incredibly abusive"?

Albeit there absolutely is no need to defend Nancy, let me say this:

Since I have been on this list, I have found her contributions most
intelligent, considerate, thoughtful, balanced, and, to top all that,
fiercely liberal. But never abusive.

Her language strikes me as neither academic (whatever you may mean by that)
nor pretty, I just find it clear.