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> Peter,
> This is the most offensive message ever posted on this list in the time I
> have been on it.  Have you no idea what you are saying?  Do you think
> that ludicrous icon masks or mitigates it?
> I hope I am not the only one who finds this astonishingly unacceptable.
> Nancy
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> From: John Ryskamp
> You should worry less about differences between parties and start
> worrying that your economy, like the American, is about to fall apart.
> Here in California the State budget deficit is publicly stated to be $21
> billion. But do you know what the whisper number is?  SIXTY billion, and
> growing rapidly. Come about February you will see how bad it really is.  I
> suppose a lot of people on this thread are tenured professors--well, these
> are the folks they're talking about cutting here, even at prestigious
> Berkeley. You shouldn't get caught unaware by this--you're never really
> told how bad it is going to get, you have to ferret it out of people who
> have reason to know how revenues and sales are really doing: California is
> a disaster area, and if California sinks, America drowns (and Britain
> never had a chance). Start agitating for rights that will keep you in your
> housing regardless of what happens to the economic situation or your own
> economic situation.   Enuf bout Eliot--aux armes!
> ================================================

> > Yes Mark. And what do you
> > do for an encore? Put on black face paint with white lips, and roll around
> > on your bum?
> >
> > ;->
> >
> > Cheers,
> > Peter

Dear Nancy,

why such a furore -- there's much worse than that (racism is as American as
apple pie):

Remember Earl Butz, Secretary of Agriculture in the Kennedy administration?
His dubious claim to fame was a statement overheard by a newspaper reporter
for which he had to step back from office:

"All the niggers need is loose shoes, a tight pussy and a warm place to

Sorry for shocking you:



Like Steve, I deplore Carrol's unfortunate comparison of the Israelis to the

Most analogies to the Shoah, the systematic, industrialized  butchering of
an ethnic group, are unwarranted and ludicrous since they tend to trivialize
unparalleled, horrendous deeds.