Peter Montgomery wrote:
> From: John Ryskamp
> Start agitating for rights that will keep you in your housing
> regardless of what happens to the economic situation or your own economic
> situation.   Enuf bout Eliot--aux armes!
> ================================================
> Yes Mark. And what do you do for an encore?
> Put on black face paint with white lips,
> and roll around on your bum?

Wha? Wha? Whuh? It's not that offensive.

If economic collapse were to come it would be less appropriate to go
"off topic" on various literary maillists. I saw long ago a movie, the
title of which I have forgotten, but I think Bogart was the lead role --
A director who wanted to make "serious films," not comedies. I forget
the exact plot gimmick, but he ended up in a camp of hoboes or convicts
(anyhow -- a bum place), and the scene I remember is of their watching a
hollywood comedy, and all these miserable men roaring with laughter. I
think (but it's fuzzy)that the movie ends with the director returning to
Hollywood anxious to make comedies.

Anyhow, if the roof collapses on us, we will need once in a while a
"pure" literary retreat where the gloom outside is ignored.

On the other hand, the roof has not fallen yet -- so some "aux armes"
need not get us _too_ up in the air.