Nancy Gish wrote:
> It's amusing but not true.  It depends on what the issues are here also.
> The Democrats would not be planning to drill in the Arctic or to privatize
> social security or to put more Scalia/Thomas types on the Supreme Court

This really would take the list too far astray to debate this. I will
only mention three events that seem to me to represent the core of the
DP in the 20th century.

FDR announcing public neutrality on the Sitdown Strikes was privately
urging Governor Murphy over the phone to call out the National Guard and
crush the strikes.

At the time the great March on Washington was being planned. Robert and
John Kennedy were working hard behind the scenes to block the march.

It was promised at the DP convention in 1988 to provide funds to Jackson
supporters for voter registration work. Not one penny ever came through
to us. In other words, Dukakis preferred to lose the election rather
than contribute to more mass participation in politics.

The DP exists to absorb and deflect mass political action.