Kate Troy wrote:

> I believe that although he accepted the concept of a middle class and
> realized the need for it, it being the world's greatest chance for
> stability, he also disdained it, not because he was a snob, but as he
> also believed that the reality of the "middle class" while bringing
> this stability, would change culture . . for the worse, in his
> opinion.  Art, music, literature would all become more and more
> mediocre and vulgar.

I think you may be very close to the truth with this.  The two items
that I suggest to read to understand his thoughts on this (at least
his early thoughts) are the Marie Lloyd essay and Hesse's essay on the
Brothers Karamasov.  I'm going to try to reread them before commenting

Can anybody suggest a few appropriate items of his post-conversion
social criticism to read?

    Rick Parker

Hesse essay:

Essay on Marie Lloyd:

Other items of interest (maybe):