There is a new online version of "From Ritual to Romance" by Jessie
Laidlay Weston available from Project Gutenberg.  This is one of the
books mentioned by Eliot in his notes to "The Waste Land."

Project Gutenberg replaced their old file with this version just in
the last few days.  The old version was incomplete, had many errors
and was not a true copy because much text had been translated into
English (and was probably copyrighted.)  I took the older version and
compared it programically with a different online edition.  Where the
texts were different I supplied what my Dover edition of the book had.
The resulting file was donated to Project Gutenberg.  Because the
editing was done this way PG's new edition should have very few

The text is available in both accented characters (8rtrm10) and
unaccented characters (7rtrm10).  They are both available as text
files or zip files (to save download time.)  There are also various
places where they can be downloaded from.  Use the location nearest
you.  This page contains the links to select versions and locations:

The text files are about 400KB in size and the zip files about 150KB.

I downloaded only one copy (from
and verified that that matched what I submitted to Project Gutenberg.
The version of the file that matches mine should have a line that says:
[Most recent update: November 29, 2002]

Someday I will attempt to convert the plain text to HTML to allow
hyperlinked endnotes, italized text and other goodies.

    Rick Parker