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>>> Gunnar dangled:
>>> What a splendid experience to be back in the U.S. after all theseyears!
>>> After enjoying Tom's hospitality in NY, Marcia, Rick and Bob picked me
>>> up at Boston's Amtrack station, giving me a guided tour across Harvard
>>> Yard.
>> But Gunnar:
>> Regretably, contrary to your post, Marcia, Rick and Bob did not
>> experience my hospitality in NY.
> ==============================================
> Ah well. What's a participle dangling among friends?
> Rhetorically,
> Peter

RegreTTably my dangling becomes an issue although nobody knows that all the
while Rick had been yelling from outside:

"You done?? We've got to make it to the airport!"

Indignantly ;-)


For the football fan on this noble list:

Minnesota vs. Colorado U, my first live game ever, had been great!
50'000 spectators in San Antonio -- never saw so many S.U.V.s (and tattooed

The Badgers won after a touchdown in the last seconds and a field goal in