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The old left/right paradigm has no application to the question of freedom i1n today's politics.  There are many authoritarians, and many freedom-lovers, in each wing, and many who define freedom in a way that others would consider oppressive.  (Your right to share in my property is inconsistent with my right to exclude you from doing so; your right to not be insulted may be inconsistent with my right to express myself, depending upon your sensitivites and my opinions.)

I'm not sure I understand. What right would I have to share in your property?  The only parties who have any legal right to share in your property is your spouse and the IRS, and if you are not married (or living with someone for years) and have somewhat adequately paid your taxes, then no one has the right to share in your property.    Were you ever to meet me, you would, no doubt, be inclined to send me roses from your garden, if you had a rose garden, but that would be a gift.