Jacek Niecko wrote:
> Unless a game is being played that I'm too simple-minded to comprehend, this
> so-called list, supposedly dedicated to Thomas Stearns Eliot's (1888-1965)
> work and, perhaps, some aspects of his life too, has gone COMPLETELY CRAZY
> AND WEIRD lately and should, perhaps, be dissolved, abandoned, discarded,
> and fast forgotten.

Most of the posters are students or faculty, and this is break time. And
have you ever been in a class -- at least an interesting class -- where
either instructor or students or both didn't occasionally stray down
pathways that had nothing to do with the actual subject of the class.

It would be better if the diversions were _usually_ generated by
something in the poet rather than come out of thin air. But what the
hell. :-)

Keep the X in Xmas.