Dear deleuze oedipus rimbaud,

Wonderful name.

But I'm a bit confused:  "meeky"?  Is it "meekly"?
If so, I think grammarians are seldom meek, and  I like grammarians

I'm glad if you enjoyed it.  I just felt it rather disingenuous to call names
while doing the same thing that was being criticized.

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O grammarians! "Gloomy grammarians in golden gowns, Meeky you keep
the mortal rendez-vous..." I very much enjoyed what you say.

 Nancy Gish <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

Do you not see that YOUR post is ad hominem, vituperative, and in praise
of ignorance (uninterest in any political position is just that)? And do you
not see that this list is not made up of any ivory tower (were there such a
thing rather than an easy and false cliche, which there is not) but mainly of
people in many kinds of positions who are mostly not academics? That
your assumption of a superior intellectual position outside any such place
or set of ideologies is both self-serving and absurd--and itself ideologically
driven? And that the mockery of academic communities (of which you are
a member) is mockery of over a thousand years of accumulated
knowledge and transmission of ideas, and that it is a shameless (and
commonplace) self-aggrandizement appealing to anti-intellectualism--quite
apart from being an undemonstrable sweeping generalization?

If you have a point to argue, please do. This is not one, and it is
certainly unworthy of the education you are privileged to be getting. I am
assuming the grammatical incompetence is a Poundian self-assertion and
not a failure of Berkeley.

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