Members of the Bloomsbury group circulated their work in mss. prior to
publication, and they often acted out parts or read them to each other.  So
Eliot might have known it well before it was actually published.  Also, the
date for Crome Yellow is more definite than the date for that part of TWL.
Part I may have been later; the dates are based on paper, etc.  According
to Gordon there is no documentary proof that part I was finished in the first
half of 1921, even though it is likely.  She discusses the two texts in her
appendix on the composition of TWL.

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I find myself questioning the theory that
Madame S. is based on a similarly named character
in Huxley's Chrome Yellow. If the novel came
out in 1921 but Eliot wrote "Burial of the Dead"
in the first part of 1921, wouldn't Eliot's wrk
have come first?

Also, Rickard, your note on this in "Exploring"
says nothing about "had a bad cold" as being
slang for a case of gonorrhea.

Thanks for any opinions/information.