I can attest to the existence and wonderful humor of Robotlord.  Much
intelligence and not artificial.

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Gunnar Jauch wrote:

> there is another reason to agree with you: letter writing had a far more
> civilized form. The handwriting was a crucial part of it, revealing a
> great deal on the person's character. This esthetic aspect, describing a
> vital part of the the author's personality, is lost on the internet.

I had a summer job with the Forest Service one year.  One guy in the
barracks wrote his girlfriend each evening.  He would practice his
penmanship for a half-hour to a hour first.  But then there wasn't
much else to do after work.  He was a big football player sized guy.
It was amazing to see him actually cower by a chair one night when a
bat flew in.

> As to the reality of the various posters, I'm going to verify their
> existence of some of them in them next couple of weeks.

Noone I know has seen Robotlord though.  As one old post said, he is
really an artificial intelligence program written by MIT hackers.

    Rick Parker