Dear All,

A Christmas poem that seems beautiful and terrible and apt this year.
Have wonderful Holidays.


Other stars may have their Bethlehem, and their Calvary too--
                                                                        Professor J. Y. Simpson

Wha kens on whatna Bethlehems
Earth twinkles like a star the nicht,
An' whatna shepherds lift their heids
        In its unearthly licht?

'Yont a' the stars oor een can see
An' farther than their lichts can fly,
I' mony an unco warl' the nicht
        The fatefu' bairnies cry.

I' mony an unco warl'  the nicht
The lift gaes black as pitch at noon,
An' sideways on their chests the heids
        O' endless Christs roll doon.

An when the earth's as cauld's the mune
An' a' it folk are lang syne deid,
On coontless stars the Babe maun cry
        An' the crucified maun bleed.

------------------------------------------------Hugh MacDiarmid 1925

kens--knows; unco--strange; warl--world; bairnies--babies