Yes all of this is true but not really pertinent to a poetry list devoted to Eliots work. However seeing as some folks are interested let me forward this lovely piece of text by Israel Shamir. And for those interested in his work the website is easy enuff to find.





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A strange case of Jared Israel
October 3, 2002
by Israel Shamir

The Masters of the Discourse would not be what they are unless they were cunning. Many people arrive to the conclusion that they are misled by the media, experts and politicians. But what is the true reality? The Masters provide a huge choice of traps and misleading explanations of reality, partly true, partly false. Only careful reading allows us to notice the hidden trap.

The site Emperor’s Clothes has all the qualities to pass for an opposition. They object to the present policies of Bush administration. They can disapprove of Israeli high-handedness. They show very well some of the lies permeating the media and politics of the politics in the US. And only sometimes their words express their true agenda. A reader’s letter alerted me to one of the traps.

A recent exchange of remarks between Jared Israel, one of the Emperor’s Clothes most active voices, and a reader provides us with unique opportunity to see through the fake opposition. A reader asks Jared Israel, does not he see a connection between the war axe grinding of Bush administration and the Jewish lobby.

And the fake opposition voice immediately denies it: “I know many Jewish people and I can tell you that, regarding Israel, they are mostly convinced that the aftermath of 9-11 has made things much worse for that country. Most U.S. Jews do *not* want war with Iraq”.

If you believe that one day you will buy Brooklyn Bridge. Most US Jews THAT MATTER push for the Doomsday. Among them Richard Perle, the chairman of the Pentagon's Defence Policy Board, an ex-employee of an Israeli weapon manufacturer Soltam, and the great supporter of the war, Paul Wolfowitz, Deputy Defence Secretary, a leading Zionist Douglas Feith, a representative of an “Israeli Armaments Manufacturer”, Dov Zakheim, Under Secretary of Defence, Edward Luttwak, of the National Security Study Group of the Department of Defence at the Pentagon, Lewis Libby, Vice President Dick Cheney's Chief of Staff and a lawyer for the thief Mark Rich, Robert Satloff, the U.S. National Security Council Advisor, and the executive director of the Israeli lobby's "think tank," Washington Institute for Near East Policy, Elliott Abrams, National Security Council Advisor, and many, many others. For sure, there should be some Jews against the war, but they keep their quiet.
It is not classified information, spread by obscure sites: an honest Jewish voice, Philip Weiss, admits in the NY Observer , “Holy or Unholy, Jews and Right in an Alliance” and they push for War. “What about the natural proclivity of Jews to be liberals? asks Weiss, and replies: liberals have yielded authority in the debate. The refusal of liberal American Jews to make an independent stand has left the American left helpless. American liberalism has always drawn strength from Jews. Liberal Jews often have private conversations about the Middle East in which they acknowledge the absence of leadership in the Israeli government and the desperation of the Palestinians, but they generally do not wish this to become a public conversation with other American citizens”. Intra-Jewish discourse became coarsely racist, and the Jewish Press published an attack on "The Plague of Jewish-Arab Marriages”, concludes Weiss.

So much for the first lie of Jared Israel. But he does not stop here. He has to dissuade his readers that it is Israel and the US Jews who push for war. In a stupefying piece of disinformation, he writes: “There is *nothing* worse for Israel than war in the Middle East. Israel is a tiny country with very hard-to-defend borders, surrounded by Muslim-dominated countries with about 50 times Israel's population … The worst thing for Israel is a war in Iraq because it can only fan the flames of Muslim fanaticism, which will then be directed at Israel. The U.S. and England attack; Israel pays”.

Well, Israel is surrounded by ‘Muslim-dominated countries’, but this ‘tiny country’ with the third nuclear potential in the world is fully supported by the ‘Jew-dominated country’, which happens to be the world’s only superpower. Though Jared Israel thinks the war against Iraq is the worst thing for Israel, probably he has in mind some other Israel, as all senior politicians of the Jewish state, its prime-ministers and ministers for defence, its spokesmen, official and unofficial, publicly and privately call for war. An ex-Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky asked his superiors why they were trying to cause a war between the US and Iraq. The reply was that Israel does not have the manpower and aircraft carriers to do the job. First thing said by Ehud Barak and Bibi Netanyahu on 9/11 was their demand to destroy Iraq (followed by Iran and Libya). Ariel Sharon pushes for war relentlessly and even now went to Moscow in order to bring President Putin to support the war.

Yes, the war is against true interests of Jews living in Israel. But we have no voice: our politicians are fully integrated in the Judeo-American establishment, they get their financial support from the American Jews, they dance to their fiddle. Our true interests can emerge only if and when the American Jews will lose their commanding heights in the American discourse.

The third lie of Jared Israel is even more brazen: “The U.S. and England attack; Israel pays”. What nonsense! Israel NEVER pays. Whatever happens, Israeli Army’s redeployment or violent attack on Palestinians, the settlements on the occupied territories or murder of children, everything is paid for by the people of the United States and Europe. They paid for Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon and from a part of Golan heights, they pay now for food for the starved Palestinians, they will pay for any ‘peace settlement’ Israel would agree to sign. When Israeli ‘peace camp’ promotes an idea of some compensation for the Palestinian refugees, they never offer to pay for the stolen lands and houses they live in: it is always one condition: “all will be paid for by the world community”. The bill of Israel is not paid by the US Jews, either: they are not that silly. The US Jews pay their politicians or threaten them into political oblivion, unless they pay with the money of American Goyiim. If political considerations cause them to desist, they force the Goyiim of Germany or Swiss to foot the bill.

How can a reader became aware of the hidden agenda of a liar with the straight face? There are telltale signs. He throws “Nazi” at everybody, from brothers Dulles to your truly. He needlessly invokes the Jewish holocaust. And whenever pushed he immediately refers to ‘conspiracy theories’. Jared Israel writes to his reader: “If you see an Israeli plot in Fleischer being Jewish, why not see an Israeli plot in *my* being Jewish as well?” Well, that is what they said when all the luminaries of the Jewish America AND of the state of Israel, from Foxman to Barak, begged Bill Clinton to pardon their crony Mark Rich. The clear-thinking Jewish American writer, Norman Finkelstein, remarked: “If the leading Jews act together, should we shut our eyes in despair and cry: oh no, it can not be, otherwise we shall be condemned as ‘conspiracy-theorists’?” In plain words, yes, Mr Jared Israel, you are a part of the Judeo-Zionist plot. You provide the Jewish instigators of the war with much needed camouflage.

It is very good that Emperor’s Clothes object to the war. It is good that they do not support the war effort of the Jewish Lobby. But it is not worth one penny if they do not speak against the real instigators of the war. It is not the nincompoop in the White House, neither Pentagon, but the US Jewish establishment, *the Jews that matter*, push for the war, with connivance of silent liberals. Our only hope was expressed by the brilliant Canadian Jewish philosopher Michael Neumann: “Sooner or later, the great white men of America will wake up to their true interests, and get themselves a new set of speechwriters and pundits. The Jews will go out of style”.

[1] 'Holy or Unholy, Jews and Right in an Alliance', The New York Observer,
October 3rd 2002

[2] Victor Ostrovsky, The Other Side of Deception: A Rogue Agent Exposes the
Mossad's Secret Agenda, HarperCollins Publishers, Inc. (New York) 1994, 315

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 Kate Troy <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

In a message dated 12/21/02 1:29:39 AM !!!First Boot!!!, [log in to unmask] writes:

With an average of more than $10
million dollars per day of American tax dollars going to Israel,

Let's not leave out all the wealthy American Jews and others who contribute privately.    It adds up to way more than a mere ten million per day.  Some rich American Jews leave their entire wealth to Israel upon their death.  Seems only fair to me since Einstein left his mind to Israel.  And the American Jewish children - they continue to plant trees there.  A thriving democracy with trees built in an arid desert.  You have to see it to believe it. And, it's really moving to see. But, if you intend to see it, take El Al.  It's the safest airline in the world.




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