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>Subject: 800 American professors are wrong again
>Date: Sun, 22 Dec 2002 09:45:05 EST
>    During the twentieth century, many so-called intellectuals publicly
>rationalized away the murderous crimes of communist regimes, especially
>those of Lenin, Stalin and Mao. And, of course, history has seen
>intellectuals like Ezra Pound extolling the fascist virtues of Mussolini.
>So forgive me for being completely unimpressed with the misguided
>statements of 800 intellectuals. If 800 people babble the same gibberish,
>it does not make it truthful. After all, in the often-sorry history of
>humankind, people have been executed for challenging the accepted majority
>view that the Earth is the center of the Universe, with the Sun revolving
>around it.

rah rah rah!

let me know if im wrong but i think im the only undergraduate student to
consistently peruse this list's topics of discussion for the past two years
or so... from my perspective, a majority of the posts are:

a) self serving
b) ideologically driven
c) littered with ad hominems

now, this is par for the course for any ivory tower community (i attend
berkeley for chrissakes) but it seems especially self defeating for it to
happen on a mailing list which is supposed to foster & encourage
appreciation, study and DEBATE of tse.

>    I simply refuse to allow you to spew lies against the Jewish people
>with impunity. If your views represent the majority views of the political
>left these days, then surely the left has wholly lost its way.

for what its worth, which is not much: it serves little to no purpose to
descend to the (base) level of those who indulge in inflammatory rhetoric,
off-topic misrepresentations & latinate-couched vituperation. i personally
find it more reasonable (not to mention not nearly as nerve-wrecking) to
scan message content & scramble for the delete button at any sign or mention
of politic, isms, ists and other assorted forms of what ive come to to call
academic anathema.

but enough of that. i wish all of you, indifferent of your leanings,
opinions & take on tse or anything else, a very merry christmas & a joyous
holiday season.


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