From: Rickard A. Parker

The Madame Sosotris section is a wrap-up of the poem connecting the
pieces of it and MAY have been added late.  Southam notes Eliot
reading "Crome Yellow" in November 1921.
PM>Wouldn't that be after BoD composition?
I see "head cold" as slang for this but I'm not sure when it was first
used.  Can you supply me with more information?

Yup! I'm happy to report Eric Partridge's Penguin Historical Slang
"Have a bad cold" in London 1850-1920 means to be in debt. A very
bad cold indicates a rent unpaid departure. However, GENERALLY it
means to have gonorrhoea.

So either she was broke or broken. Pay yer money and take yer choice.

If E. was making fun of Russell here, then accusing him of being
poor was in very bad taste, given all the financial support
E. got from R. Indeed, E. was the one with the bad cold.