I can see the royal time Elio would have had
with Canadian politics had they been worthy
of his notice. In mid-Nineteenth Century,
the Province of Canada had a Liberal-Conservative
party. For most of the 20th Century, Canada has
had a Progressive-Conservative party (a union of
the Progressives and Conservatives, of course).
Nonetheless, whenever Canuck commentators try
to explain Canuck politics to Yanks, the conversation
always begins with, the most conservative party n
Canada is a universe to the left of the most
liberal party in the US. On the other hand, there
is the Monarchist league of Canada which fights
as fiercely for the preservation of the Monarchy
as most of its members do for preservation of the
national health system.

No wonder so many Canadians wrap themseles in the
Stars and Stripes to go south and entertain, cajole
and otherwise inform those southern folk.


Dr. Peter C. Montgomery
Dept. of English
Camosun College
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> > Given TSE's belief, Gunnar,  that ours is an age (ours and his are not
> > different in that character, are they?) worm-eaten by liberalism,
>Where did he say so?

"The acrimony which accompanies much debate is a symptom of differences so
large that there is nothing to argue about. We experience such profound
differences with some of our contemporaries, that the nearest parallel is
the difference between the mentality of one epoch and another. In a society
like ours, worm-eaten with Liberalism, the only thing possible for a person
with strong conviction is to state a point of view and leave it at that."

from the Preface of After Strange Gods.