Anything is possible there, but given his respect for
the writings of Jaques Maritain, one would have some
work to do to support the argument. Also remember
the "Anglo-Catholic" in faith?

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> At 05:13 PM 12/13/2002 +0100, you wrote:
>>> Given TSE's belief, Gunnar,  that ours is an age (ours and his are not
>>> different in that character, are they?) worm-eaten by liberalism,
>> Where did he say so?
> "The acrimony which accompanies much debate is a symptom of differences so
> large that there is nothing to argue about. We experience such profound
> differences with some of our contemporaries, that the nearest parallel is
> the difference between the mentality of one epoch and another. In a
> like ours, worm-eaten with Liberalism, the only thing possible for a
> with strong conviction is to state a point of view and leave it at that."
> from the Preface of After Strange Gods.

Thank you, Ken.

However, I forgot to mention my objection to your statement that our society
wasn't any different to TSE's --  I wonder what he perceived as Liberalism.
Perhaps fundamental criticism to the dogmas of the catholic church?