From: Nancy Gish

I'm not avoiding anything:  I have no idea what you think "the issue"
is, but it is clear from the language you use that the issue is not
I think your focus on feminism is a red herring
to change the subject, Nancy.

For me the issue is that Auntie Maggie got where she did,
not because of inheritance or any special favour,
but because of the hard and admirable work of the
women's movement (which for me has become synonyous with
feminism -- like it or not), even though she would seem
to have been the ideological and emotional opponent of its
incarnation as of the 60s and following.

But she is only an example of the issue as I originally
framed it. The mere presence of women in the political
arena has not brought to bear the nurturing and pacifying
influences of the anima which were tauted as an important
reason for shattering the glass ceiling.

Ironically, Canada's [virtual] head of of state, Governor-
General  Adrianne Clarkson, and the Chief Justice of the
Supreme Court (whose name thogh well known escapes the
colander of my memory) would both perhaps be fine examples of
what feminism would like to see as influential in the political
mainstream. They, however, demur at being called feminists.