I remember from when I was little, a cartton
strip in the funny papers, called the Kazenjammer
Kids, but I never knew the word KATZENJAMMER
actually had meaning on its own.

As Spock would say, fascinating.


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katzenjammer (KAT-sen-jam-uhr) noun

   1. Hangover

   2. Distress; depression.

   3. Confusion; clamor; uproar.

[From German, from Katzen (plural of Katze, cat) + Jammer (distress,

  "Peebles, in his rejoinder, compared the intense activity in cosmology
   over the last few years to `a really good party.' But he also listed open
   questions that, he said, left him with an `uneasy feeling'--a kind of
   cosmic katzenjammer--about whether the concordance will survive new and
   more precise tests."
   James Glanz, Cosmology: Does Science Know the Vital Statistics of the
   Cosmos? Science (Washington, DC), Nov 13, 1998.

  "The characteristic Grimm story has a katzenjammer irreverence and a
   narrative urgency; its characters are no better than they have to be, and
   are foxy, wild, lucky or unlucky, and utterly human."
   Arthur C. Danto, Maurice Sendak and a Tale Not Quite Grimm Enough,
   The Washington Post, Nov 6, 1988.

This week's theme: words from the major source languages of English.

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