From: Rickard A. Parker

>My conjecture is that the allusion to Penelope
>is put in precisely for the contrast between
>'lifelessness' and 'liveliness' that Peter points
>out, although he points it out to question the
>allusion in the first place.

Nice point.  Who gets the credit?
Hey, I'm happy to go sharsies any time.

Keep in mind that Pound's note may not have been the reason for
the excision. He couldj ust have been pointing out to Tommy that
he got the point.

Also, keep doubly in mind that Pound was an ounce man, meaning,
less is more. For whatever is gained by the allusion,
the resonant starkness of the lines is diminished. I feel
(thinking here is irrelevant) the sronger resonance  of
the starkness is a better effect.