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Dear Peter Montgomery

We would appreciate it if you could post the
update below on your discussion list if you
consider it appropriate.

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Helen Terre Blanche (Conference Alerts)
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Perspectives on Evil and Human Wickedness Conference
21 to 26 March 2003, Anglo-American College, Prague, Czech

(PLEASE NOTE: The dates of this conference have
changed slightly, and the deadline for 300 word abstracts
has been extended to 8 January. A new and cheaper 3
star hotel has also been added to the accomodation list;
see website for details.)

This inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary conference
seeks to examine and explore issues surrounding evil
and human wickedness. Perspectives are sought from
those engaged in the fields of anthropology, criminology,
cultural studies, legal studies, literature, philosophy,
psychology, sociology, and theology.  Perspectives are
sought from those working in the caring professions,
the media, prison services, politics, psychiatry and other
work-related and vocational areas.

Papers, reports, work-in-progress and workshops are
invited on issues related to any of the following themes:

* the concept and language of 'evil' and 'wickedness'
* the nature and sources of evil and human wickedness
* moral intuitions about dreadful crimes
* psychopathic behaviour - mad or bad?
* choice, responsibility, and diminished responsibility
* social and cultural reactions to evil and human
* the portrayal of evil and human wickedness in the
media and popular culture
* suffering in literature and film
* individual acts of evil, group violence, holocaust and
genocide; obligations of bystanders
* terrorism, war, ethnic cleansing; the evils of terrorism,
fear of terrorism, international relations especially with
regard to the modern nation state, superpower
interventionist strategies, post-war reorganisation
following the evils of war
* the search for meaning and sense in evil and human
* the nature and tasks of theodicy
* religious understandings of evil and human wickedness
* postmodern approaches to evil and human wickedness
* ecocriticism, evil and suffering
* evil and the use/abuse of technology; evil in

Papers will be considered on any related theme. 300
word abstracts should be submitted by Wednesday 8
January 2003. If an abstract is accepted for the
conference, a full draft paper should be submitted by
Friday 14th February 2003.

The conference is part of a larger series of ongoing
conferences, run under the general banner 'At the
Interface'. It aims to bring together people from different
areas and interests to share ideas and explore various
discussions which are innovative and exciting.

Following the first 'Perspectives on Evil and Human
Wickedness' conference, an e-mail discussion group was
created and an ISSN e-journal launched supporting the
work and research of the conference series.

Five themed volumes have and are in the process of
being published; selected papers accepted for and
presented at this conference will also be published in
themed volumes. In addition, all papers accepted for and
presented at the conference will appear in an ISBN
eBook. For further details and information, please
contact: Dr Rob Fisher -
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or see the conference website at -

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