Dear Lover boy, is this any way to speak to a great spirit. Kisses and love to thee from my swirling girls

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>Dear Sara, why are you so prim? are you tryin to make contacts so you can get a Job as a Nice Prof. How boring u are you kissin the ass of authority how can u speak this way to a fellow student and kiss the ass of these dead beats of profs. U know how long they been controlling Eliot and his poems, how long this shit has been going down.
>ELiot needs a kick in the pants
>so dont grovel in front of the authority of these second rate teachers in the list.
>they are sexist.
>and racist
>and are working for the CIA!!
>Joe Strummer died and that is wha>

Enough of this adolescent diatribe!
I wish you'd just keep it for yourself and spare us all the trouble of deleting.



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