Dearest Sara famed as Abraham's wife and other notables of history. I address thee in this way since you have chosen to call me Oedipus. Well as for us, and our selves are multitudinous having ideas that are better, well this may or may not be the case. And of course we do, these old bags and old geezers are always sayin the same things and most of em are sexist power trippers that make loads of dough doing nothing but to criticize the dead poets of bygone days. How does that sound to you? It sounds pretty crummy to me. I think we gotta end all of this "professionalism" of the critics and let me go home and think and figure out what they read for themselves. Email groups are not academic sites of discipline but a place to explore the edge.

OF fragments beached by Marlowe and others of Wallace Stevens against Eliotic tyranny. I think of Delmore S's now forgotten text called the Literary Dictatorship of TS Eliot. The man was a tyrant in his ideas and they spread and are still infecting us like  adisease. The guy as old was nicer than the cat who wrote the young's uns stuff, you dig?

I love you, Sara. I love you all. I kiss your bodies and souls

Rimbaud, the jealous son of Artaud and Genet.

All of you even the bumbo bimbo whats his name writing me off the list putting me down I love you all you are all my lovers

 Sara Trevisan <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

Dear Oedipus,
I am not kissing anybody's ass. I don't know the people on this list personally and I am just trying to behave in a CIVIL way, which seems like something behind-the-times nowadays.
I've gotten so fed-up of students who want to know everything and want to be better than the people who teach the subject. Do you have better ideas about TSE?? Then fight your battle and use those ideas as weapons -- stop saying bullshit about your supposed foe without ever daring to face him directly. Most of the times, people speaking like you have no real news to tell.
Sara --


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