From: Nancy Gish [mailto:[log in to unmask]]
the fact that Thatcher is an assertive woman who had a great deal of power
and no doubt benefited an a broadly general way from the developing idea
that women could be in politics
For me, the above, as you have clearly stated it,
was most of the issue, and you seemed very reluctant to admit it.

The other part of my point was that the injection of the anima
factor into politics has not brought about the much vaunted
changes in less hostility and more compassion that were promoted.

I'm quite sure that Auntie Maggie would not want to be
called a feminist, but it is impossible to deny that both
by fact and style she promoted the cause of women in politics
and therefore in almost every other way in Britain. To me that
makes her a feminist, even if a downright brutal one, and I've
met my fair share of such in my time.

In any event, like it or not, I will continue to use feminism
as a convenient cover-all, as seems more and more to be the
option, these days. I respect the fact that you disagree with