November 17, 2002, 6:00 p.m.

Coverage:  Missouri Statewide
Compiler and Transcriber:  Edge Wade
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Compiled 17 November, 2002

Species included below:
American Black Duck
Surf Scoter
Lesser Yellowlegs
Spotted Sandpiper
RED PHALAROPE--probable, gone
American Pipit

This is the Sunday, November 17, 2002, 10:15 p.m., Missouri Bird Alert, 
a statewide service of the Audubon Society of Missouri, serving the 
birding community of Missouri since 1901.  The bird alert is compiled 
from reports submitted by ASM members and other birders throughout the 

Saturday morning Scott Schuette found 3 BLACK SCOTERS above Winfield Dam 
(Lincoln Co.), loosely associating with a raft of American Coots.  Also 
present were 14 Horned Grebes, 40 American White Pelicans and a Merlin.

An adult RED-THROATED LOON in transitional plumage with red throat was 
found at Smithville Lake November 12 by Kristi Mayo, although first seen 
on the main body of the lake near the dam, the loon was moving around 
the lake, but visible from the dam.  She could not locate the 
Long-tailed Duck seen on the 11th.

Bob Fisher relocated the RED-THROATED LOON on the 14th.  A raft of 150 
diving ducks included Redheads and Greater Scaup, but no Long-tailed 
Bob waw two “Western” Grebes, one of which gave him the impression of a 
possible Clark’s.  An American Black Duck was near the gull flock in the 

The juvenile Long-tailed Duck first reported by Bill Goodge at Eagle 
Bluffs CA (Boone Co.) Thursday was seen Saturday from about 80 feet from 
the parking area at the end of the junction box/pump house road, looking 
up the distribution channel.

More than 100 GREAT-TAILED GRACKLES reported by Neal Young were seen 
again on Saturday by Patrick Harrison at the University Horse Farm on 
New Haven Road southeast of Columbia.  Western Meadowlarks were also 
present.  Two SURF SCOTERS were on South Farm R-1 Lake on Roosevelt 
Ave.  This is the large pond just west of the entrance to the Beef Farm.

Robert Brundage saw an adult GOLDEN EAGLE on the 12th near US 65, just 
north of Princeton in Mercer Co.  Carl Gerhardt saw one the previous 
week over the Missouri River in southern Boone Co.

An American Pipit at Otter Slough CA, Stoddard Co., was seen by Leslie 

At Riverlands Demonstration Area (St. Charles Co.), possibly 3 TUNDRA 
SWANS are being seen.  On Friday, a juvenile TUNDRA was swimming with an 
adult Trumpeter.  At least 26 swans are in the area.  The 10 Surf 
Scoters continue to bob above the dam.  A large flock of Red-breasted 
Mergansers is on Ellis Bay.

Charlene Malone reports that 15 Eurasian Collared-Doves were at Payne 
Rd. near Portage Des Sioux about 2:30 p.m. November 14.

At Fellows Lake (Greene Co.) Thursday the GOAS field trip participants 
in very windy conditions found 1 Common Loon, 1 Lesser Yellowlegs, and a 
Spotted Sandpiper.

Norma Zier had a surprise on the 13th near Rock Port (Atchison Co.).  In 
a pond south of town she saw a phalarope, which by description appears 
to have been a RED PHALAROPE.

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Information regarding membership in the Audubon Society of Missouri may 
be obtained from Bonnie Heidy, Membership Chair, at 573-442-2191, Joyce 
Bathke, Treasurer, at 573-445-5758, or at the Audubon Society of 
Missouri webpage:  http//

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