A book  entitled Women in the Poetry of T.S. Eliot - a Psychoanyltic Appraoch was published in 1984 by Macmillan.  The author is Tony Pinkney. The jacket design incorporates "Salome" by Edward Burra which is a nice period touch.  I don't suggest it is important, only that it exists.

Maire McQueeney
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  I'm an Australian pseudo-academic doing some research on Eliot, and have been fascinated (in a fly-on-the-wall way) by your discussions in the last month or so, and was wondering if anyone might be kind enough to suggest any particular works which could be considered important in regards to the depictions of women in TSE's poems and plays.

  many thanks 
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          Ruth Lilly, 87, heir to the pharmaceutical fortune, has
       given a bequest likely to be worth more than $100 million,
       to Poetry Magazine.  She submitted several poems in the 1970s
       and was rewarded only with handwritten rejection slips from
       the editor Joseph Parisi--evidently she did not take the
       rejections to heart

    I do so hope that Poetry Magazine publishes one of her poems.  No matter how bad or mediocre, I should like to read one.