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> > ITS' "itz":  it's itz' itz, it's its itz.
> it should have been:
>  ITS' "itz":  it's itz' itz that's its itz.
>  Regards,
>      Rick Parker

Definitely one of the stranger exchanges I've had on this list, but here goes:


Your line is valid, but I think mine is as well. I intended mine to be
'translated' as:
In the lannguage 'ITS' there is a word called 'itz' and here's something we
can say about the whole thing:

It is the strangeness of the word 'itz' that shows the very quality of
strangeness, and (Should I say it again? Let me say it again), it is this
strangeness that shows the quality of strangeness (as evidenced by this
strange looking final line in this strange-looking limmerick).

-- Steve --