Jacek Niecko wrote:

> I think it's rather stupid--total lack of creative imagination and
> silly play on words that mean nothing when used as personal names--a
> name is a name is a name--in case someone failed to notice that simple
> fact

A name is a good source for a pun.  I use mine that way often enough.

> It's amazing to see that people who can stretch their brains for hours
> in order to reach what is meant to suggest the highest level of
> sophistication in analyzing the most insignificant minutiae imaginable
> in a poem (viz. the recent post on the Archduke's cousin)

I don't see why it is so insignificant, in a poem filled with sexual
failing, to allude to what may have been the 19th century's biggest
sex scandal.

> wd see humor in the fact that someone's given name is Rice or Bush or
> Hu or Shu.

The world hasn't quite come to an agreement on how humorous punning
is but Bush has.  I've seen a tape of him being asked THAT question
"If you were a tree what type of tree would you be?" and him answering
"I'm not, I'm a Bush."

But, anyway, I think you've missed the allusion to the old Abbot and
Costello comedy routine "Who's on first?"

    Rick Parker

Bush quote:

Where the quote was shown
(contoversial behind the scenes video of the Bush campaign):
JOURNEYS WITH GEORGE A home movie by Alexandra Pelosi

"Who's on first?"