Since they don't look anything like anything I did or would write, perhaps
you really do need to read some feminism.  Yes, Margaret Thatcher does
not have feminism to thank anymore than did Indira Gandhi or Elizabeth I.

One book on politics of spirituality, incidently, is extremely unlikely to be
representative of feminism.  In fact no one book is.

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I really don't think you can blame feminism for Condi Rice any more than
you could praise masculism for Martin Luther King or Gandhi or Viet Nam
objectors who went to Canada. ========================== Ah
but it's fun
trying, esp. since we're not talking about Eliot at all on the list these

So are you saying that if Mary Woolstonecraft and her whole
herd of ilke that came after (the Georegie girls included),
had not done their work, that Aunti Maggie Ceilingcoverer would
still have been able to break the glass ceiling. I seriously
doubt it!

Also, I didn't mean to imply that those previous words were
yours, but they surelooked like it to me.