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Subject: Re: Two Profound Eliot Influences

Astonishing as it must be, there are sessions on Wittgenstein at MSA, and Marjorie Perloff's WITTGENSTEIN'S LADDER came out in 1996 from Chicago Press. And she comments on DAS SPIEL DES UNSAGBAREN: LUDWIG WITTGENSTEIN UN DIE KUNST DES 20. JAHRHUNDERTS ( Vienna, 1989). There does seem to be a real interest in Wittgenstein and even other people who read Wittgenstein. I note only this particular instance of a great deal of bothering with Wittgenstein.
[Peter Montgomery] ============================================
People ARE hard pressed to rustle up a little trouble these days.
Probably falsified one too many generalisations about generalisations.
Wasn't Witty the feller that thought up the idea of wormholes as in Star Trek?
Yawn. What was it Eliot said about boredom?