October 24, 2002

Coverage:  Missouri Statewide
Compiler and Transcriber:  Edge Wade
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Compiled 24 October, 2002

Species included below:
Common Loon
Horned Grebe
American White Pelican
American Bittern
White-faced Ibis
Surf Scoter
Peregrine Falcon
several sparrow species

This is the Thursday, October 24, 2002, Missouri Bird Alert, a statewide 
service of the Audubon Society of Missouri, serving the birding 
community of Missouri since 1901.  The bird alert is compiled from 
reports submitted by ASM members and other birders throughout the state.

Missouri birders receive this alert directly on MOBIRDS, the free e-mail 
listservice supported by ASM.  ASM members also receive the 
organization’s quarterly journal, “The Bluebird”.

Report bird sighting information via the internet, either on MOBIRDS or 
to [log in to unmask]

In reports from Iowa, a lone juvenile Sabine’s Gull is at Clear Lake in 
northern Iowa, due north of Des Moines.

Patrick Harrison reports the firs Purple Finch of the season at his 
feeders in Shelbyville, Shelby Co., Wednesday, October 23.

At Squaw Creek NWR, Holt Co., Wednesday, Tommie Rogers observed hundreds 
of sparrows, including American Tree, Harris’s, Fox, White-crowned and 
White-throated, and Lincoln’s.  There were 8 species of ducks, 2 
White-faced Ibis, 24 Greater Yellowlegs and 10 Wilson’s Snipe.

Smithville Reservoir, Clay Co., Tuesday evening boasted 22 Common Loons 
in a single group near the dam, reports Kristi Mayo.

We have no further reports of the SURF SCOTERS found by Mike Stoakes on 
Thursday, October 17 at Lake Jacomo, Jackson Co., nor of the Common Loon 
seen there Friday (both from the North Marina).

At Riverlands Environmental Demonstration Area, St. Charles Co., David 
Rogles found 3 Horned Grebes among a raft of Ruddy Ducks on Sunday, 
October 20.  American Wigeon and Ring-necked Ducks were also present.

No subsequent reports have been received of the brightly basic plumaged 
DUNLIN Dave saw still at Ellis Bay as of 5:30 p.m. Saturday, October 19, 
on the same spit the Red Knot favored last month.

Charlene Malone relayed a report of 6 SURF SCOTERS in the Mississippi 
River near Portage De Sioux (St. Charles Co.), Sunday or Monday.

The new area of the Chillicothe wetlands (Livingston Co.) is showing 
great promise.  Sunday, October 20, Steve Kinder was surprised by a 
SPRAGUE’S PIPIT there to add to recent finds of Clay-colored, Fox and 
Harris Sparrows and Hermit Thrush.  Steve reports good numbers of 
several sparrow species around the outskirts of Chillicothe in recent 

Monday at Swan Lake NWR, Chariton Co., Steve found many sparrows, three 
plegadis ibis (all juveniles), a Krider’s or albinistic/leucistic 
Red-tailed Hawk, a Peregrine Falcon, 3 immature Bald Eagles and 300 
American White Pelicans.

In St. Francois Co., Doug Willis noted several species of sparrows, 3 
Golden-crowned Kinglets, 15 Yellow-rumped Warblers, and a flock of 200 
Cedar Waxwings Saturday.

Schell-Osage CA Sunday proved to be good birding for Dorothy Lambert 
Sunday.  One AMERICAN BITTERN was a surprise.  15 Great Egrets, 33 
American White Pelicans, 3 Horned Grebes, 1 White-faced Ibis, a raft of 
250 American Coots, and a raft of about 1,000 ducks (half of them Ruddy 
Ducks) graced the water area.  In the vicinity were lots of Field 
Sparrows and 1 Ruby-crowned Kinglet.  A lingering SCISSOR-TAILED 
FLYCATCHER was feeding over a newly plowed field.

Information regarding membership in the Audubon Society of Missouri may 
be obtained from Bonnie Heidy, Membership Chair, at 573-442-2191, Joyce 
Bathke, Treasurer, at 573-445-5758, or at the Audubon Society of 
Missouri webpage:  http//

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