St. Louis area birders (ILLINOIS walk)

St. Louis Audubon will hold a bird walk at the Two Rivers NWR (Formerly Mark
Twain NWR), Calhoun/Jersey counties, ILLINOIS and it's surrounding areas
this Saturday, October 12, 2002.
All birders are welcome: members and non-members, beginners as well as
experienced birders.
Because this area is a waterfowl rest  area, Two Rivers will  be closed
October 15 until the end of duck hunting season, December 15, 2002. This
will be the last weekend birders can go into the area.
MEET: 8 AM departure time (arrive ~10 minutes earlier please); ALL DAY
trip - ending time mid to late afternoon, but you can leave at any time.

WHERE: semi-circle parking lot ACROSS from the Grafton Ferry, Jersey county,
IL. (Just "north" of the city of Grafton, IL along Hwy 100). If you need
further directions, please contact me at the below
e-mail address.

DESTINATIONS (if time permits): Two Rivers NWR - Swan Lake, possibly Bims
Road , Lower Stump Lake, Dabbs Road and Upper Stump Lake Access Road
(cypress tree migrant trap)

TARGET BIRDS: late migrating passerines, raptors, sparrows, waterfowl,
waders, shorebirds (if there is any shorebirds habitat left), gulls,terns,

- enough WATER/Drink for all day (we will not have extra)
- portable sack lunch and snacks for all day
- bins, SCOPE (if you have one), field guide
- bug spray (there were still mosquitoes last weekend, so maybe even ticks
and chiggers are around too)
- sunscreen
- personal items for all day
- money for the Golden Eagle Ferry (if you are going to come and return via
the St. Charles co, MO side. $5 one way, $9 round trip)

 **WEATHER** -
This walk will be held rain (moderate to light) or shine.
Well, at least Jim will be at the meeting spot at 8 AM.
We are getting conflicting stores as to what the weather is to be like on
Saturday.  Right now, it's predicted that a MAJOR COLD FRONT is to come
through some time on Saturday . This could mean nice weather until late
afternoon OR the cold front coming in earlier with driving rain and strong
winds. This could also mean some interesting birds dropping in with the cold
front, BUT some mighty miserable birding conditions.
Watch the weather, be forewarned AND dress accordingly(!!!!!).
If you need Jim's cell phone number (he will have it on driving to the
walk), you can e-mail us at the below address to obtain it.

- Dress for the possible changing weather (see above....LAYERS, LAYERS,
LAYERS) and West Nile precautions (long sleeved shirts and long pants with
- comfortable shoes that are waterproof - some moderate to difficult walking
through weeds will be required IF the group will go into Bims.

- Very limited in this area (Particularly in the Two Rivers NWR area/Calhoun
co) so be forewarned.
Some locations: Pere Marquette, multiple spots in Grafton - Grafton
Visitor's Center, Amoco Gas Station and various restaurants

- PLEASE help out the driver with the COST OF GAS if you are hitching a
It's a common courtesy particularly with the cost of gas going up.
- ALSO, please keep track of your personal items and optics if ridesharing.
From the last walk, we had several items left behind.

Swan Lake was been drawn down to improve the habitat. The areas along Pump
Station Road are basically dry and overgrown, with only one marsh containing
water. Swan Lake is overgrown, with some water, but also has had heavy
equipment IN the lake bed to dredge the lake.
Because of this, waterfowl species will be limited in this area.
Also do not know if there will be ANY shorebird habitat to be found in the

Jim Malone and Paul Bauer.

If you have any questions or need directions, please contact us at the below
e-mail address.

Be there or be oblong.

Charlene and Jim Malone
Chesterfield, MO
St. Louis, MO Audubon Society
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