Dear Sara,
   Thanks for the reply. I think Praz was a friend/admiered parctioner of Eliot's.
I've seen his name in Eiot crit.many times. Also I think McLuhan paid him due attention.
If the symbolists did pay attention to Poe's interest in starting with
the finality and wrking back to what accounts for it, that would be the material
I would like to get a handle on somehow -- hopefully in English. I wouldn't
want to embarrass Gunnar with my frahnsh orthograhfy.
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Dear Peter,
There is a wonderful book with a whole chapter devoted to Baudelaire, Valéry, Poe -- it was written in Italian, but it's one of the best essays on Romanticism ever published.
The title is -- "Flesh, Death and Devil in the Romantic Literature" by Mario Praz.
P.S. Never pronounce the author's name out loud. He's dead now, but he has a strange reputation among English professors in Italy -- like, the last one who did mention his name loud....*died all of a sudden*!  <smile>...but it did happen actually.