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>>>I don't know if this helps anyone with the issue of the dove descending,
but it might contribute to the understanding of what Eliot might have experienced
as he stared up into the skies over London at this time.
    I also hope this post doesn't sound patronizing in any way. I saw the opportunity
to make use of an esoteric knowledge and "hobby" that I doubt will pass my way
again soon--those dusty WWII history books seem a little more valuable and
the time spent pouring over them a little less ill-spent!<<<<<
Thank you very much for sharing all that - I myself know less about the 'technical' aspect of the Blitz, and my post was partly meant to have somebody like you come forward with more details about bombing tactics.
More specifically, thanks for the info on low-flying bombers that not only dropped bombs but also used machine gun (this is how the dove's 'flickering tongue' makes sense, I guess).
On the issue of night/air raids: I think Eliot mostly had the latter in mind - see, after all, 'the ending of interminable night'. Insomnia was widespread, of course, it wasn't just the air-raid wardens who lacked sleep. I think most of Little Gidding was composed after the Luftwaffe decided to concentrate on night raids. You mention September 1940. The shift may have come a little later, but it became clear fairly quickly that daytime raids involved too many losses. 
RaphaŽl Ingelbien
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