am 30.10.2002 15:36 Uhr schrieb Peter Montgomery <[log in to unmask]>
Subject: OT:  Jauch's itch or its vs it's

> , but it really depends on whether
> the mark was put in inadvertantly or on purpose. Given the simplicity of
> the situation, and the matter of the rules being easily understood, I
> prefer to think that Herr Schlanger's error is one of inadvertance, rather
> than that he really did not know about the difference between its and
> it's. It is really a mistaken use of the punctuation when it wasn't
> intended, so that grammar has nothing to do with it. It is merely Jauch's
> tendentious ignorance that makes it an issue.

HERR Montgomery:

Are you able to think logically? "I never know what you are thinking.
Why would it make a difference if it was "inadvertEnt" or not?
Was "inadvertant" an inadvertent typo?
How about Montgomery's tendentious --and factual-- ignorance of German,
French and Italian?
Who's the ignoramus?

So many questions...