am 27.10.2002 21:15 Uhr schrieb Nancy Gish unter [log in to unmask]:

> Dear Gunnar,
> I'm sorry to be cynical, but as opposed to what?  One need not be an
> apologist for capitalism to recognize the centrality of greed and money in
> pretty much all the cultures we know of--my point being that the problem
> is not simply capitalism as such but much broader.  I do not pretend to
> know how to contain or constrain it.
> Nancy
> And so am I, dear Carrol.
> In my opinion, a culture based on money and greed will invariably collapse
> some day.
> Gunnar

Dear Nancy,

I share the widespread belief that the economic and ecological collapse
aren't alternatives but will happen simultaneously, accompanied by an
outbreak of violence on a previously unimaginable scale.

We gradually seem to be approaching this pivotal point. Our political and
financial leaders have contributed to this scary development for many

The Gods of Big Money are neither visionary thinkers nor leaders of the
world, but mostly sleazy gamblers with greed as their unique incentive. They
are nothing but normal people like you and I, except endowed with far too
much power.

The good thing about the fall of Roman Empire was that they didn't have the
means to nuke the invading northern countries back to the stone age...

No cheers,