Jennifer Formichelli wrote:

> As for metaphor, I think the metaphorical should be an extension rather than
> a contradiction of the literal. There is such a thing as bad metaphor. Viz,
> Carole Anne Duffy's 'my feelings [or whatever] run like paint in the rain'
> strikes me as hideous, for if paint ran so there should be many more (and
> much wealthier) painters.

Dear Jennifer,
    Could you send more of the poem, or the name of the poem?  I read the
figure, as you've given it, very differently from you and would like to read it
in context so I might understand your objection.

    Mightn't a metaphor both contract and extend the actual?  Aristotle's (was
it his?) "the ship plows the waves" draws attention to an aspect of the ship
that is outside usual attention and reminds us, as well, of the farmer and the
land (extension), but it narrows attention (contracts) to that aspect.