Gunnar Jauch wrote:

> I wonder how you find such stuff...

Curiosity and the following websites

But then comes the art of figuring out what search terms to use.

Since you seemed interested in that last webpage here is a great site
site I end up with often when searching for Greek mythology.  It is
called the "Greek Mythology Link" and gives a genealogy of the Greek
gods and heros.

As an example of the genealogy visit this page that lists names
beginning with "D" as my previous example did:

The site's author, Carlos Parada, puts a number after each name that
shows up more than once so you can differentiate between characters
with the same name.

As an example of concisely retelling the myths visit this page that
tells of the tragic love of Glaucus and Scylla (Glaucus was Deiphobe's

Parada has a print version of the material entitled "Genealogical
Guide to Greek Mythology."  Information about it (and a list of some
libraries that have it) can be found at this page:

    Rick Parker