Jennifer Formichelli wrote:

> Third, I can't agree with any of the following reasons for selecting the
> quotation, because none of them seem to me either in TWL or in the situation
> from which the quotation is extracted.
>   ) a trapped woman
> Yours, Jennifer


In addition to the responses to several other items in your list provided by Nancy,
I'd like to add that trapped women also seem to be present within TWL.
I guess that does depend on how one defines trapped, and I would say a woman
in a cage (the Sibyl) is perhaps more directly trapped than the female figures
in the poem. But I've always seen Lil for example as a young woman--"only
thirty-one," trapped in a body that "look[s] so antique, " and equally trapped
in a set of circumstances that leave her few and dangerous reproductive
choices--either "nearly die" as she did of "young George" or take the "pills"
to "bring it off" and indeed "never [be] the same." I recognize that's not the same
or as severe as an actual imprisonment like the Sibyl, but poor Lil seems
to have little room to maneuver to say the least.