Michael wrote:

> [CLIP]
> Sorry for the extremely offensive and disturbing remarks.

Now that I understand what you are saying, I am neither offended nor
disturbed. I more or less agree with you.

And also apologize for my rudeness.

Note that there is a difference between a scientist, historian, etc who
has done important original work in his/her "field" (Gould, Lewontin,
[memory trouble with proper names -- esp. those which begin with MC: the
superb woman biologist at Harvard -- ??Barbara McLintock??], Chomsky,
Braudel) and in  _addition_ writes important "popular" material, and the
academic who lives only in the the Sunday Supplements or the op-ed pages
of major newspapers. Garry Wills can serve as a border-line case, where
one can argue both ways. George Wills as a (pretentious) intellectual
who merely pimps for power.


P.S. Joseph McCarthy was a very nasty character, but it is misleading to
speak of the McCarthy Era -- it is more accurately called the Truman
Era, since his administration started the big Red Hunt. McCarthy merely
exploited for personal purposes a phenomenon which was much bigger than