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> Also in the question of poplar or poindexter, I think SJ Gould fits in. .
> . From where comes the notion that pointy-heads are the only ones who
> can
> be intellectual?  Is it the damning of McCarthy raising his head again?
> Michael

I meant that Gould has the same problem Ambrose does and, really, Longfellow
and Tennyson. . . namely that it is extremely difficult to be respected as an
considered an intellectual when you are also very popular.
I think that this idea [popular=bad] (which seemed to flirt around in the 50s
with McCarthyism) has gained momentous momentum again, as the fires of
McCarthyism are also once again being stoked.
I used the terms "pointy-head" and "poindexter" to give what is, sadly, still
the stereotype of an intellectual.

Sorry for the extremely offensive and disturbing remarks.