Gunnar Jauch wrote:

> B.t.w.: For all the newby's on the list: Eugene is our well respected
> Wall Street poet laureate (Rick, our Duke of URL, will certainly be
> glad to provide us the appropriate back ground info!)

O.K.  Here's a small web introduction to Eugene (check out that Wall
Street Journal story on him to):

Wall Street Poet

The deputy general counsel for Nomura in New York has just made it to
the front page of the Wall Street Journal--but not for his lawyerly
skills.  As it happens, Eugene Schlanger is a poet on the side, and,
among other things, has captured the Ground Zero tragedy in his verse.
One of his friends particularly likes a line, "Witness to a world that
a world cannot measure."  We would probably rephrase it to read,
"Witness to a world that a word cannot measure.  A world that leaves
poets mute."  See the Wall Street Journal, September 12, 2002, pp. Al
and A10.

In the November 1st Baltimore Sun, an article entitled "A Corporate
Lawyer Takes Stock of Life" talks about Eugene Schlanger, a deputy
general counsel at Nomura Securities, who is also a published poet. In
fact, he is known as "The Poet of Wall Street." Carmen Lawrence,
co-head of Fried Frank's securities regulation and enforcement
practice, is one of his fans. She noted, "One day on our commute, I
asked [Eugene] what he was doing, and he said he just finished a poem,
and I said I'd love to see it, so he sent it to me. Until then, for
me, poetry was just required reading at schools."

    Rick Parker