Rick Seddon, late of our list, has sent me a report on the weekend TSE
conference.  With his permission, I am posting it.  M.

It was one of the better meetings.  Marjorie Perloff's talk on
"Gerontion" was quite good.

Nancy Hargrove had an extremely interesting talk on TSE's Paris year
1910-1911.  She is writing a book on the sorts of entertainments
available to Eliot in Paris during that year.  The tidbits she offered
us on dance and plays were fascinating.  The book is going to be a must

Aaron Jaffe of Indiana University gave a talk on Eliot's introductions
of other authors' books entitled "Worth Introducing; T.S. Eliot's
Prefaces and the Gender Politics of Modernist Promotions."  It was quite
interesting.  His use of the Eliot introductions as research material is
fairly uncommon.

On Sunday a Rev'd Hawthorne from England gave a talk on Hegelian
influence on Eliot.  It was probably the most fascinating talk of the
meeting.  He was interested in Hegel's influence on Eliot's ideas on
culture and society and also showed direct borrowings of TSE from Hegel
in "Four Quartets".  Some of the most known and loved lines in "Four
Quartet" turn out to be direct borrowings from Hegel.  ("time before and
time after", etc)  He has submitted his paper to the "Yeats/Eliot
Review".  It will bear watching for.  Russel Murphty, editor of the
Review, was on the same panel as Hawthorne and given the enthusiastic
response of the audience, especially Chris Buttram, may find it
impossible not to publish it.

Hawthorne used just one of TSE's Hegel volumes from the Houghton
library.  Evidently several of these volumes have a large number of
Eliot marginal notations.  According to Hawthorne they have been largely
ignored and would make an excellent research resource.