Madame Sostris had a bad cold.


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> We are told by someone else of the pain each suffers though
> a short quote of their's--"The horror" and "I want to die."

But Rick, if you look at the context of the "I want to die" quote in the
Satyricon you'll see that the tone is not serious at all. Trimalchio
the story at a banquet, in the spirit of a drunken "whopper", a wholly
unbelievable "fish tale". Jennifer has mentioned that the Sibyl was
dead for centuries when Trimalchio claimed to have seen her. In the
immediately preceding lines, Trimalchio had botched two classical
(to Hercules and to the Cyclops). And note that in the line immediately
the story, Encolpius describes Trimalchio's story as "chattering"
("Trimalchio was still chattering on like this when our table was
covered by
a tray with a huge pig on it.").

How do you account for using a passage with this tone if TSE was simply
trying to convey the pain of a person's suffering?

-- Steve --